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About Movement Chiropractic


Our purpose is to empower families to create vibrant, active lives through lifetime chiropractic care and lifestyle education.

Mom with boy outsideSupport for a Vibrant Life

We’re goal-centered and results-oriented, which results in a patient population that demonstrates true wellness. The understanding that pain or its absence is not a true indicator of health makes all the difference in your wellness potential!

A Focus on Family Wellness

Dr. Daniel Walker-Delisle and Dr. Russell Matai have been in practice since 2008 and 2000 respectively, serving patients from the Saskatoon area. From helping newborns to seniors, we feature gentle chiropractic techniques that are designed to get you out of pain quickly, optimize function and reveal your true health potential.

Why the Name Movement Chiropractic?

Because we have three practices, we wanted to be able to feature them under the same banner and make our services easily accessible. We also want our patients to know that they’ll receive the same consistency in their health care, regardless of the office location.

We decided to emphasize the word Movement in our practice name because our doctors are very physically active and wanted to instill the importance of that characteristic into their patients as well.

We love helping families experience remarkable improvements in their health! Contact us today to start your journey to wellness!

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