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Chiropractor Saskatoon

Welcome to Movement Chiropractic!

Saskatoon Chiropractors Emphasize Family Wellness

Saskatoon chiropractor team, Dr. Daniel Walker-Delisle (Dr. Dan) and Dr. Russell Matai of Movement Chiropractic offer their patients the very best in family wellness care.

This dynamic team has been in practice since 2000, with a reputation for excellence in advanced chiropractic programs, acupuncture services, custom orthotic therapy, physical therapy and massage therapy.

They provide a warm, family-oriented environment so you and your family will feel completely comfortable. Our brand new 3000 sqft facility is designed to give you the best experience possible!

A Team Approach

Dr. Dan and Dr. Russell focus on whole family care, from newborns to great-grandparents. They feature a multidisciplinary array of techniques that are safe, gentle and effective, and partner with you in choosing the optimal path to wellness.
They work as a team, and make sure that every practice member feels supported in their journey to creating improved health.


We’re committed to our patients and their health goals. We make it a priority to not only ensure your comfort and safety, but to maximize your confidence that you’ve made the right choice in becoming a part of our chiropractic family.

Because of our commitment to excellence, we’ve developed a patient population that demonstrates true wellness and vitality. We want the same for you!

Contact us today. We’d love to have you as part of our chiropractic family!