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Complete Concussion Management™

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Movement Chiropractic is now an official Complete Concussion Management™ certified provider. Complete Concussion Management™ is a research company based in Toronto that focuses on educating healthcare practitioners in the diagnosis and management of concussion injuries.

The company strives to provide its’ practitioners with the most current evidence-based concussion therapies, thereby insuring that concussion patients have access to quality and effective concussion programs and rehabilitation. Movement Chiropractic is currently the only chiropractic clinic in Saskatoon partnered with Complete Concussion Management™.  Movement Chiropractic is committed to providing the highest-quality assessment and management of all athletes and concussion patients.

The clinic offers:

  • Comprehensive Baseline Testing
  • Acute Concussion Management/Therapy
  • Progressive ‘Return-to-Learn’ and ‘Return-to-Play’ Protocols
  • Post-Concussive Syndrome Management/Therapy
  • Rehabilitation (Neurological/Physical)

Dr. McMenamin is the practitioner at Movement Chiropractic who is specially trained through Complete Concussion Management™.  Call the clinic to set up an appointment for baseline testing or concussion management today! Our Rates page includes more details.



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Concussion Therapy At Taylor St. and Kingsmere Blvd in Lakeview

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